K (slang) Type: noun, slang, acronym Pronunciation: /kay/ What does K mean and stand for? 1. AK-47 2. Kilo (1,0000) K Synonyms: G, Grand Example sentence: “They paid me $10k to be at this event.” K in songs: “Fetty Wap, I’m livin’ 50 thousand K how I stand though” – Fetty Wap, Trap Queen. “I […]


K.O. (acronym) Type: noun, acronym, slang Pronunciation: /k-o/ Also spelled: KO, K.O What does K.O. mean and stand for? Knock Out. K.O. Synonyms: Sleep him Example sentence: “The fight ended with a K.O.“ K.O. in songs: “Catch him in the club, K.O.” – King Louie, Faneto (Remix). “I might just K.O., the Perc’ up in […]


Key (slang) Type: noun, slang Pronunciation: /kee/ Also spelled: Ki Plural: Keys What does Key mean? A kilogram (of a drug). Key Synonyms: Gram, Ounce, Quarter Example sentence: “I got a key shipping out today.” Key in songs: “With them bricks they go for 40, ain’t no 10 a key“- Meek Mill, Dreams and Nightmare […]


Keys (slang) Type: noun, slang Pronunciation: /kees/ Also spelled: Kis, Key’s Singular: Key What does Keys mean? Kilograms. Keys Synonyms: Grams, Ounces, Quarters Example sentence: “She was begging for keys of yayo at the party.” Keys in songs: “Two keys won’t get you high, no, no, no” – Kendrick Lamar, ​untitled 07 | 2014-2016. “I […]


Ki’s (slang) Type: noun, slang Pronunciation: /kees/ Also spelled: Kis, Keys, Key’s Singular: Ki Related: Ki, Kilo What does Ki’s mean? Kilos or Kilograms. Ki’s Synonyms: Kilo, Keys Example sentence: “How many ki’s do you wanna buy slime?” Ki’s in songs: “Car seats still smelling like 10 ki’s” – Rick Ross, The Devil Is a […]


Kickback (slang) Type: noun Pronunciation: /kick-back/ Plural: Kickbacks What does Kickback mean? A small gathering with close friends. Kickback Synonyms: Sesh, Hangout, Function, Party, Get together Example sentence: “I’m having a kickback with a couple of friends today.” Kickback in songs: “Slaughter Gang, we came to shoot your kickback up (21)” – 21 Savage, Rover 2.0. “She wanna chill, […]


Kicks (slang) Type: noun Pronunciation: /k-icks/ What does Kicks mean? Shoes or sneakers. Example sentence: “Are those the new Yeezys? I like your kicks.” Kicks in songs: “With my sidekicks rocking fly kicks” – The Notorious B.I.G., Party and Bullshit. “Keep her hair tied up, big bamboos, Mike Jordan kicks” – Kendrick Lamar, Tammy’s Song […]


Kinky (slang) Type: adjective, slang Pronunciation: /kin-ki/ Related: Kink What does Kinky mean? 1. Unconventional sexual behavior. 2. To enjoy unconventional sex. Kinky Synonyms: Freaky, Naughty, Horny Example sentence: “I met a kinky girl yesterday, she was telling me some shit.” Kinky in songs: “The bitch is kinky, kind of so with the lift of […]


Kitty (slang) Type: noun, slang Pronunciation: /kit-e/ Related: Pussy What does Kitty mean? A vagina. Kitty Synonyms: Pussy, Cookie, Punani, Twat, WAP, Coochie, Cunt, Poon, Cooch, Chocha, Box Example sentence: “Been a min since i’ve received some kitty.” Kitty in songs: “Got that kitty cat, I’m havin’ fun with that, goin’ Birkin” – Future, Life […]


KK (acronym) Type: noun, acronym, abbreviation, slang Pronunciation: /k-k/ What does KK mean and stand for? Khalifa Kush. KK is short for Khalifa Kush, Wiz Khalifa’s strain of weed. Coined by: Wiz Khalifa Example sentence: “Wish Wiz would send some KK to smoke.” KK in songs: “Nigga keep going, keep the KK blowin” – Wiz […]

Knocked Off

Knocked Off (slang) Type: phrasal verb, phrase Pronunciation: /nockd-off/ What does Knocked Off mean? Murdered. Synonyms: Killed, Murked Example sentence: “At the end of the movie, the bossman got knocked off.” Knocked Off in songs: “Trappin’ is a sport young nigga get ya knocked off” – Future, ZOOM. “Cross the Family, think Mac’s sweet like […]


Knockers (slang) Type: noun, slang Pronunciation: /naw-kars/ What does Knockers mean? Big breasts on a woman. Knockers Synonyms: Double D’s, Bitties, Boobies, Titties Example sentence: “Lemme see them knockers boo.” Knockers in songs: “Machetes and them choppers out, bitches with their knockers out” – The Game, Standing on Ferraris. “She kinda thick as fuck and got […]


Knots (slang) Type: noun, slang Pronunciation: /naw-ots/ Singular: Knot What does Knots mean? A big bundle of cash. Knots Synonyms: Wad Example sentence: “My pockets have big knots.” Knots in songs: “Throwin’ money, beat the pockets, got heavy knots” – Lil Uzi Verty, Silly Watch. “I’m tired of fakin’ knots with a stack of ones” […]


KOD (acronym) Type: noun, acronym Pronunciation: /k-o-d/ Also known as: K.O.D. What does KOD mean and stand for? 1. Kids on Drugs. 2. King Overdose. 3. Kill Our Demons. Coined by: J. Cole Similar to KOD: m.A.A.d 4. King of Diamonds, a gentleman’s club in Miami. KOD in songs: “KOD, he hard as shit, This […]


Kush (slang) Type: noun, slang Pronunciation: /koo-ush/ What does Kush mean? Weed or Marijuana. Kush Synonyms: Gas, Reefer, Herb, Pot, Mary Jane, Ganja, Broccoli, OG Kush, Pack, Zaza, Green, Tree, Doja, Fire, Dro Example sentence: “We finally some some good kush in ATL.” Kush in songs: “Smoking on that kush all in our section Like […]