Keyed (slang)

Type: adjective, slang

Pronunciation: /keed/

What does Keyed mean?

To be high on marijuana and/or intoxicated with alcohol.

Keyed Synonyms: Wasted, Lit, Smashed, Drunk, Slizzard, Faded

Example sentence: “My girlfriend is keyed with her squad tonight.”

Keyed in songs:

“I got five on it, grab your four, let’s get keyed” – Michael Marshall, I Got 5 on It.

“Pass the weed, nigga! That Hennessey’ll keep me keyed” – 2Pac, Still I Rise.

I’m not no door but I’m keyed” – Mr. Cee, Smoke a Blunt.

“I smoke the weed, it gets me keyed, but never would I be lackin'” – Mac Dre, On My Toes.

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