8-ball (slang) Type: noun, slang Pronunciation: /ate-ball/ Also spelled: 8 ball, Eight ball Plural: 8-ball’s What does 8-ball mean? 1. An 1/8 ounce of drugs, usually cocaine (3.5 grams). 8-ball Synonyms: Eighth Similar to Eighth: Pound, QP, Half, Quarter, Zip 2. A 40 oz Olde English malt liquor. Example sentence: “I just hit up the […]


808 (slang) Type: noun, slang Pronunciation: /eight-oh-eight/ Plural: 808s What does 808 mean? 1. A Roland TR-808 drum machine; bass drum. 2. Bass sound on a beat. Example sentence: “Turn up the 808 on the beat.” 808 in songs: “Just a snare and a 808” – Lil Wayne, Let the Beat Build. “We want them […]


832 (slang) Type: noun, slang Pronunciation: /eight-three-two/ Also known as: The 832, Tha 832, Da 832 What does 832 mean? Houston, Texas area code. 832 Synonyms: H-Town Other Houston area codes: 713, 281 Example sentence: “Z-Ro is from the 832.” 832 in songs: “I am 832, 281, and 713″ – Z-Ro, Goin Up. “Houston hope […]