QC (label) Type: label, acronym Pronunciation: /Q-C/ What does QC mean and stand for? Quality Control. Similar to QC: TDE, MMG, 4PF, OVO, YSL, OTF, YMCMB, A$AP, YM, YNW, YBN Example sentence: “Migos are signed to QC.” QC in songs: “QC the label, Migo the gang” – Quavo, Cross the Country. “That’s Yung Miami and […]


QP (acronym) Type: noun, acronym, slang Pronunciation: /q-p/ Plural: QP’s What does QP mean and stand for? Quarter Pound. QP is short for Quarter Pound of marijuana. Similar to QP: Pound, Zip, Half, Quarter, Eight Example sentence: “Let’s get a QP, we smokin’ smokin’.” QP in songs: “Started with a QP then got a pound […]


Quarantine Type: verb, noun, slang Pronunciation: /qua-ran-teen/ What does Quarantine mean? A time of isolation to not spread a disease. Example sentence: “I learned how to do so much in quarantine.” Quarantine in songs: “J’s on, pinky ring, dogging these hoes, I need quarantine” – 2 Chainz, All Me. “We in quarantine, but my M’s long” […]


Quarter (slang) Type: noun, slang Pronunciation: /quart-r/ Plural: Quarters Related: QP What does Quarter mean? A quarter (1/4) ounce of marijuana (7 grams). Similar to Quarter: Eighth, Pound, QP, Half, Zip Example sentence: “We’re smoking a quarter on Thanksgiving.” Quarter in songs: “Twenty minutes, burn a fucking quarter back to two grams” – Earl Sweatshirt, […]