K (slang)

Type: noun, slang, acronym

Pronunciation: /kay/

What does K mean and stand for?

1. AK-47

2. Kilo (1,0000)

K Synonyms: G, Grand

Example sentence: “They paid me $10k to be at this event.”

K in songs:

“Fetty Wap, I’m livin’ 50 thousand K how I stand though” – Fetty Wap, Trap Queen.

“I rhyme cold, my K hot, your 9 cold, that bark like K9’s on” – Kendrick Lamar, 1Train.

“He prolly the one with the K, fronting then he letting it spray” – A$AP Rocky, Shabba.

“Hundred K, I spend on my señora” – Offset, MotorSport.

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