Kief (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /keeeef/

Also spelled or known as: Keef

What does Kief mean?

Cannabis/THC crystals from marijuana buds.

Kief Synonyms: Keef, Dry shake, Hash

Example sentence: “What are we gonna do with all this kief? smoke it.”

Kief in songs:

Kief all around my pre-roll, New Orleans, nigga, I’m Creole” – Lil Wayne, WHATS POPPIN (Remix).

“Nostrils filled with the potency of smoking kief” – Erick Arc Elliott, Death.

Kief in the joint, I’ve been savin’ up” – Juicy J, Stoner’s Night Pt 2.

“MJG and 8Ball spittin’ out the whip, spliffs with kief at the tip” – billy woods, Falling out the Sky.

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