Keep it a buck

Keep it a buck (phrase)

Type: phrase, idiom, slang

Pronunciation: /keep-it-a-buck/

What does Keep it a buck mean?

To keep it honest, real and truthful.

Keep it a buck Synonyms: Keep it 100, No Kizzy, No Cap, Facts, Keep it real, Keep it 1000, Keep it a thousand

Similar to Keep it a buck: Keep it real, Keep it a buck, Keep it 1000, Keep it a stack

Example sentence: “I’ma keep it a buck, i don’t want to come to the function tonight.”

Keep it a buck in songs:

“Got a crown of thorns, but it won’t fit around the horns But I’ma keep it a buck like a dollar store” – Eminem, I Will.

“I heard your bank account is on stuck How can you keep it a buck if you ain’t got no bucks?” – Drake, Fear Of Heights.

“Goin’ viral is gettin’ ’em sicker Like, what? Let’s keep it a buck” – Ice Spice, ​In Ha Mood.

“I tell her suck on me, I tell her fuck on me Keep it a buck with me, up and it’s stuck with me” – Offset, Type Shit.

“Never gave a fuck about who didn’t fuck with him See, that’s my nigga, I had to keep it a buck with him” – Joey Bada$$, Head High.

I’m always gon’ send you a truck I’m always gonkeep it a buck” – Drake, Hours In Silence.

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Keep it a buck
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Keep it a buck

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