Vibe (slang) Type: noun, expression Pronunciation: /v-ibe/ Related: Vibin’, Vibed Plural: Vibes What does Vibe mean? 1. A rare ambience or atmospheric area that is sensed or experienced by a person. 2. A woman who is attractive and fun to be around. Example sentence: “This atmosphere is such a vibe“ Vibe in songs: “You can […]


VVS (acronym) Type: noun, jewelry Pronunciation: /ve-ve-es/ Plural: VVS’s Related: VV’s Similar: Baguettes What does VVS mean and stand for? Very, Very Slightly included. Example sentence: “His earrings were so shiny, he told they’re VVS diamonds.” VVS in songs: “See these diamonds they hittin’, these VVS stones” – Lil Baby, Sold Out Dates. “VVS diamonds, […]