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Killa (slang)

Type: noun, slang, acronym

Pronunciation: /kil-lah/

Also spelled: Killer

What does Killa mean and stand for?

1. Killer.

2. Good quality marijuana.

Killa Synonyms: Gas, Good Good, Zaza

3. Cam’Ron’s nickname.

Other Cam’Ron Nicknames: Killa Cam

Cam’Ron’s real name: Cameron Ezike Giles

Example sentence: “This weed is killa..”

Killa in songs:

“CTD, pull up in the killa Bape Call up Phillip-Phillip, gon’ fill the bank” – Desiigner, Panda.

“My AC on, my ceiling cracked, smoking killa Light my backwood, count 100 racks, smoking killa” – Nipsey Hussle, Killa.

“You a fuck nigga, I can’t fuck with ya Wig split, peel ’em, pussy nigga killa” – XXXTENTACION, (RIP YAMS) SPACEGHOSTPUSSY.

“Fat bleezy full of thrax, loud pack, only smoking killa ho Ran in Macys and copped the killa Lo fly shit” – Retch, Four 12s.

Yeah, my skin is vanilla, but bitch I dare ya to test my killa We don’t do it for the skrilla, we do it for love” – Logic, Soul Food.

“For now I’m po-pimpin’ like them Do or Die dudes Smoking killa but my doors still suicidal” – A$AP Rocky, Hell.

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