Khakis (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /kak-ees/

What does Khakis mean?

Casual brown/tan colored pants.

Example sentence: “I was dripping in those khakis and double g shoes.”

Khakis in songs:

“Tan khakis, an antagonist Dan-dappered up Ha, vagabond, had it since a Padawan” – Earl Sweatshirt, Whoa.

“I kill niggas, audio crack, khakis to meal ticket Cardio lap, was running for dear life” – Kendrick Lamar, Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe (Remix).

“They take me to the back and pat me Asking me about some khakis” – Kanye West, Spaceship.

“The difference between us and our class is tan khakis I got 99 problems and all of them’s being happy” – Tyler, The Creator, Pigs.

“Wearin’ khakis and mob while you rhyme Little fag tried to sag, but you’re floodin’ at the same time” – Dresta, Real Muthaphuckkin G’s.

“Y’all just gon’ keep watching us at the beach shore With your motherfuckin’ khakis rolled up” – A$AP Yams, Back Home.

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