Boof (slang) Type: noun, slang, adjective Pronunciation: /boo-ouf/ What does Boof mean? Very potent marijuana. Boof Synonyms: Gas, Broccoli, Ganja, Reefer, Fire, Dro, Pack, Zaza, Green, Tree, Doja, Loud Example sentence: “Brought that boof out, you smell me.” Boof in songs: “Just got a pound of the boof” – XXXTENTACION, Look At Me! “I like […]


Moe (slang) Type: noun, slang Pronunciation: /mo/ What does Moe mean? 1. A nickname used to reference a friend or stranger in replacement of their name. Moe Synonyms: Bro, Homie, Son, Dude, Gang 2. Moët & Chandon, a famous French brand of champagne. Example sentence: “Yo Moe, I need to cop some gas.” Moe in […]


Odee (slang) Type: adverb, adjective Pronunciation: /o-d/ Also spelled: Ohdee, OD, OhD What does Odee mean? Very, really, a lot. Odee Synonyms: Extra, Max, Mad, Hella Example sentence: “I haven’t ate since yesterday, i’m odee hungry.” Odee in songs: “When I put on the ice, it be odee” – Jay Critch, Ruthless. “And my diamonds […]


Pusha (slang) Type: noun, slang Pronunciation: /push-ah/ Also spelled: Pusher Related: Pusha man What does Pusha mean? Someone who “pushes” or sells drugs. Pusha Synonyms: Trapper, Slanger, Drug dealer, Pusha man, Weedman, Plug, Dopeman, Trap star, Dope boy, Connect, Dealer, Supplier Example sentence: “I need a pusha as soon as we land.” Pusha in songs: […]