Keef (slang) Type: noun, slang Pronunciation: /keeeef/ Also spelled or known as: Kief What does Keef mean? Cannabis/THC crystals from marijuana buds. Keef Synonyms: Kief, Dry shake, Hash Example sentence: “They sprinkled some keef on top of the joint.” Keef in songs: “And my dreadhead smoke Keef, he a chief, get ’em gone, finito” – Toosii, Why You Think. […]

Keep it 100

Keep it 100 (phrase) Type: phrase, idiom, slang Pronunciation: /keep-it-one-hun-dred/ What does Keep it 100 mean? To be honest, real and truthful. Keep it 100 Synonyms: No Kizzy, No Cap, Facts Similar to Keep it 100: Keep it real, Keep it 1000, Keep it a stack Example sentence: “When you take to me always keep […]

Keep it real

Keep it real (phrase) Type: adjective, slang, phrase Pronunciation: /keep-it-real/ What does Keep it real mean? To stay genuine and true. Keep it real Synonyms: Keep it 100, Keep it G Example sentence: “You know i always keep it real with you baby.” Keep it real in songs: “Peep how we do it, keep it real […]

Keep it trill

Keep it trill (slang) Type: phrase, slang Pronunciation: /keep-it-trill/ Related: Trill What does Keep it trill mean? Keep it true and real (true + real = trill). Keep it trill Synonyms: Stay dope Example sentence: “I like A$AP Rocky, he always keep it trill.” Keep it trill in songs: “Even in my will, keep it […]


Kennel (slang) Type: noun, slang Pronunciation: /ken-eiul/ Also known as: The kennel Plural: Kennels What does Kennel mean? A jail or prison. Kennel Synonyms: Up north, Cage, Pen, Box, Can, Central booking Example sentence: “Free all my good guys stuck in the kennel.” Kennel in songs: “Had to pray to almighty God they let my […]


Key (slang) Type: noun, slang Pronunciation: /kee/ Also spelled: Ki Plural: Keys What does Key mean? A kilogram (of a drug). Key Synonyms: Gram, Ounce, Quarter Example sentence: “I got a key shipping out today.” Key in songs: “With them bricks they go for 40, ain’t no 10 a key“- Meek Mill, Dreams and Nightmare […]


Keyed (slang) Type: adjective, slang Pronunciation: /keed/ What does Keyed mean? To be high on marijuana and/or intoxicated with alcohol. Keyed Synonyms: Wasted, Lit, Smashed, Drunk, Slizzard, Faded Example sentence: “My girlfriend is keyed with her squad tonight.” Keyed in songs: “I got five on it, grab your four, let’s get keyed” – Michael Marshall, I […]


Keys (slang) Type: noun, slang Pronunciation: /kees/ Also spelled: Kis, Key’s Singular: Key What does Keys mean? Kilograms. Keys Synonyms: Ki’s, Kilos, Grams, Ounces, Quarters Example sentence: “She was begging for keys of yayo at the party.” Keys in songs: “Two keys won’t get you high, no, no, no” – Kendrick Lamar, ​untitled 07 | […]