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King of Pop

King of Pop (nickname)

Type: noun, slang, nickname

Pronunciation: /king-of-pawp/

What does King of Pop mean?

Michael Jackson’s nickname.

Other Michael Jackson Nicknames: MJ, Smelly, Applehead

Michael Jacksons‘s real name: Michael Joseph Jackson

Example sentence: “Michael Jackson was known as the king of pop.”

King of Pop in songs:

“I see green I no dey see stop Tell rap dwarfs they no go see top So just beat it, king of pop I been dope, call the doc, let’s detox” – M.anifest, B.E.A.R.

King of Pop, come rock with me Show you who bad, I beat it, beat it” – Gucci Mane, Moon Walk.

King of pop, Barry White, rollin’ over in they grave Jones Girls, Emotions singin’ back in our day” – Phife Dawg, Dear Dilla.

“Still can’t believe King of Pop died No tears, my heart cry like when my pops died” – Vado, Celebration.

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King of Pop
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King of Pop

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