Kangol (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /kan-gohl/

What does Kangol mean?

A British headwear brand.

Example sentence: “I let my shorty wear my kangol hat.”

Kangol in songs:

“They askin’, “Who I?” in front of that triangle black That’s that guy that come with the side kangol hat” – Daylyt, W.R.O.H.

“Mold your bitch like Play-Doh Now she specialize in head like Kangol” – AKTHESAVIOR, Left Hand.

“From the day I saw Cool J on Soul Train Now I got that Kangol, two cables” – Eminem, These Demons.

“No rain though, I’m in the Yung Rich Nation raincoat, Good aim though, that red dot up at your Kangol” – Migos, Commando.

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