Kick shit


Kick shit (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /kick-sheht/

Related: Kicking Shit, Kickback

What does Kick shit mean?

To hang out or kill time.

Kick shit Synonyms: Chill, Vibe, Hang, Link

Example sentence:Lil shorty hit me up to kick shit.”

Kick shit in songs:

“I kick shit like a punter” – Young Nudy, Pissy Pamper.

“These niggas think they can just come and kick shit in my city, it’s gon’ cost them niggas” – Lil Baby, Fit In.

“When I grip the mic and kick shit niggas can’t fuck with” – Kurupt, Stranded on Death Row.

“I’m blowing minds, yeah, I gotta kick shit with this rhyme” – Logic, ICONIC.

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