L (slang) Type: noun, slang Pronunciation: /el/ Also known as: An L Related: Take an L Plural: L’s What does L mean? 1. A loss; to take a loss or to lose. L Synonyms: Loss, Lose 2. A marijuana joint. L’s Synonyms: J, Joint Example sentence: “You won’t see me take an L.” L in […]


L.A. (acronym) Type: noun Pronunciation: /el-eh/ Also spelled: LA What does L.A. mean and stand for? Los Angeles. L.A. is short for Los Angeles, California. L.A. Synonyms: The City of Angels Example sentence: “There is no place like L.A.“ L.A. in songs: “I just threw a private dinner in L.A.” – Future, Jumpman. “L.A. bitches […]


L’s (slang) Type: noun, slang Pronunciation: /el’s/ Singular: L What does L’s mean? 1. Losses. 2. Marijuana joints. L’s Synonyms: J, Joint Example sentence: “Took a lot of L’s now we winning.” L’s in songs: “We don’t take L’s, we just make M’s” – G-Eazy, Me, Myself & I. “Just sneak out and meet me, bring […]


Lack (slang) Type: verb, slang Pronunciation: /lak/ Related: Lackin’, Lacked What does Lack mean? To fall short, not have, or not pay attention. Lack Synonyms: Slip Example sentence: “I keep it on me, i’ll never lack.” Lack in songs: “Knack, never lack, make noise nationally” – Gift of Gab, Alphabet Aerobics. Devil on my shoulder, […]


Lackin’ (slang) Type: verb, slang Pronunciation: /lak-in/ Also spelled: Lacking Related: Lack, Lacked What does Lackin’ mean? To be falling short or not paying attention. Lackin’ Synonyms: Slippin’, Caught off guard Example sentence: “You went to war without a tool? you lackin’“ Lackin’ in songs: “Said  I’m never lackin’, always pistol packing” – Pop Smoke, […]


Lamb’ (slang) Type: noun, slang Pronunciation: /lam-b/ Related: Lambo Plural: Lambs What does Lamb’ mean? A Lamborghini. Lamb’ is short for Lamborghini. Lamb’ Synonyms: Lambo, Lamborghini Example sentence: “I signed my deal and bought a lamb‘.” Lamb’ in songs: “I just might snatch up a ‘Rari and buy my boo a Lamb’” – Fetty Wap, […]


Lambo (slang) Type: noun, cars Pronunciation: /lam-bo/ Related: Lamb Plural: Lambos What does Lambo mean? A Lamborghini. Lambo is short for Lamborghini. Lambo Synonyms: Lamb, Lamborghini Example sentence: “We’re going for a ride on sunset ave in the lambo.” Lambo in songs: “That Lambo‘ my new bitch, she don’t ride like my Ghost” – Meek […]


Leak (slang) Type: noun, slang Pronunciation: /lee-k/ Related: Leaked, Leaker Plural: Leaks What does Leak mean? A song or album that is let out unofficially before its official release. Leak Synonyms: Bootleg Example sentence: “Did you hear the new lil uzi vert leak that came out before the album?” Leak in songs: “I’m too good […]


Leaked (slang) Type: noun, slang Pronunciation: /leek-ed/ Related: Leak, Leaker What does Leaked mean? To have been unofficially released before its official release. Leaked Synonyms: Bootleged Example sentence: “I wanted to support so i didn’t listen when it leaked.” Leaked in songs: “Bastard was the shit, explains why it never leaked” – Tyler, the Creator, […]


Lean (slang) Type: noun, slang Pronunciation: /lee-ian/ Related: Leanin’,  Chopped and screwed  What does Lean mean? A narcotic mixture of codeine, sprite and jolly ranchers. Lean Synonyms: Purple Drank, Dirty Sprite, Soda Example sentence: “Remember when Lil Wayne spilled his lean on camera?” Lean in songs: “I done cut back on that lean, I’m on […]


Lemme (slang) Type: contraction Pronunciation: /le-me/ What does Lemme mean? Let me. Lemme is slang for Let me. Example sentence: “Lemme see if me and my ting can go next week.” Lemme in songs: “Lemme get that for you, lil mama cause you workin’” – Los, Ocho Cinco. “You lookin’ for some lean, lemme call […]


Lettuce (slang) Type: noun Pronunciation: /let-iss/ What does Letuce mean? 1. Money. Lettuce Synonyms: Guap, Cheese, Guala, Racks, Pesos, Cake, Bread, Cheddar 2. Marijuana. Lettuce Synonyms: Loud, Kush, Doja, Gas, Dope, Bud, Herb, Pot, Mary Jane, Ganja, Broccoli, OG Kush, Grass, Zaza, Reefer Example sentence: “Don’t play with me i’m bout my lettuce.” Lettuce in […]


Lick (slang) Type: noun, verb, slang Pronunciation: /l-ick/ Also known as: A Lick Related: Hit A Lick Plural: Licks What does Lick mean? 1. To come up on a lot of money. Lick Synonyms: Hit A Lick 2. A robbery. 3. To rob. Lick Synonyms: Steal, Rob, Finesse, Jugg 4. To be easy to rob. […]


Lifted (slang) Type: adjective Pronunciation: /lif-ted/ What does Lifted mean? To be really high. Lifted Synonyms: Zooted, High, Geeked, Faded Example sentence: “Smoking on this gas got me lifted.” Lifted in songs: “We lifted from smoke and floating, that’s how I got my aura open” – Capital STEEZ, Like Water. “So lifted, flyer than yo […]


Lil (slang) Type: adjective, prefix Pronunciation: /l-il/ What does Lil mean? Little. Lil is short for little. Lil Synonyms: Yung, Young Example sentence: “I still know every lyric to Lil Wayne’s A Milli.” Lil in songs: “I send a lil‘ thot to send the drop on him” – Bobby Shmurda, Hot Nigga. “It’s Lil Kodak, […]


Limo (slang) Type: noun, slang Pronunciation: /lim-o/ What does Limo mean? Limousine. Limo is short for Limousine. Limo Synonyms: Coupe Example sentence: “I’m getting us a limo for my birthday party.” Limo in songs: “Limo tinted with the gold plates” – Kendrick Lamar, King Kunta. “And then pull up at 5 a.m. in the drive […]


Lines (slang) Type: noun, slang Pronunciation: /liens/ Related: White lines What does Lines mean? Lines of cocaine. Lines Synonyms: Coco, White lines, White horse, Powder, Coca Example sentence: “L.A. parties usually include lines.” Lines in songs: “Making hits, sniffing lines” – A$AP Rocky, Long Live A$AP. “She sniffin’ the lines, assembly” – Offset, Notice Me. […]


Lingo (slang) Type: noun Pronunciation: /lin-go/ What does Lingo mean? The language, word style, speech, jargon, or slang, used by a person or group. Synonyms: Slang, Vocabulary Example sentence: “New York has their own type of lingo.” Lingo in songs: “The lingo start to sound like we talkin’ in code” – Drake, Views. “People walk […]


Link (slang) Type: verb, slang Pronunciation: /lee-ink/ Also known as: Link up Related: Linkin’, Linked What does Link mean? To meet up with someone. Link Synonyms: Connect, Link up Example sentence: “Let’s link after class.” Link in songs: “I had to go back and link with my slimes like I’m thirteen and zero” – Travis […]


Lit (slang) Type: adjective, slang Pronunciation: /l-it/ Related: Litty What does Lit mean? 1. To be high and drunk. 2. Something amazing and fun. Lit Synonyms: Tipsy, Fried, Faded, Turnt Example sentence: “I was so lit on my 21st birthday party.” Lit in songs: “Turnt up in the party, gettin’ lit to Yachty” – D.R.A.M., […]


Litty (slang) Type: adjective, slang Pronunciation: /l-it-e/ Related: Litty, Litness What does Litty mean? 1. To be extremely lit; drunk and/or high. 2. A variation of lit. Litty Synonyms: Tipsy, Fried, Faded, Turnt Example sentence: “We in the function getting litty.” Litty in songs: “Hit another band on the ‘gram, I’m litty” – Tory Lanez, […]


Llama (slang) Type: noun, slang Pronunciation: /la-ma/ What does Llama mean? A gun. Llama Synonyms: Blicky, 40, Yoppa, Choppa, Glizzy, Tool, Piece, Strap, Iron Example sentence: “The llama is in the trunk, so no funny business.” Llama in songs: “Llama scream, hotter than summer sun on a Ghana queen” – Cory Gunz, 6 Foot 7 Foot. […]


LLC (acronym) Type: noun, acronym Pronunciation: /l-l-c/ Plural: LLCs What does LLC mean and stand for? Limited Liability Company. Example sentence: “Rap Dictionary was created by DailyRapFacts Media LLC.” LLC in songs: “LLC, real estate, I get a check and invest now” – Young M.A, 2020 vision. “Bad Dreams, LLC, we give these hoes nightmares” […]


Llello (slang) Type: noun, slang Pronunciation: /ye-yo/ Related: Yay, Yayo What does Yayo mean? Cocaine. Llello Synonyms: Blow, White, Yay, Snow, Coke, Yayo, White horse Example sentence: “It’s yayo in North America but it’s llello elsewhere.” Llello in songs: “Like Chapo servin’ llello to the gringos” – Gucci Mane, Black Beatles. “Cause I clock pesos, don’t […]


LMFAO (acronym) Type: noun, acronym, slang Pronunciation: /l-m-f-a-o/ Related: LMAO What does LMFAO mean? Laughing My Fuckin’ Ass Off. LMFAO in songs: “LMFAO, you kiss bitches, I pipe, yeah” – Ugly God, Water. “LMFAO to the bank, boy, ASAP” – Snoop Dogg, Eyez, Closed. “Oh, LMFAO, no way, Jo-” – Eminem, Evil Twin. “LMFAO with these […]


Loaded (slang) Type: adjective Pronunciation: /load-ed/ Related: Loads What does Loaded mean? 1. To be really rich. Loaded Synonyms: Breaded, Wealthy, Racked up 2. To be really drunk. Loaded Synonyms: Faded, Lit, Smashed, Intoxicated Example sentence: “When the check cleared the whole team was loaded.” Loaded in songs: “Ain’t gotta wait to make no moves […]


Loot (slang) Type: noun, slang Pronunciation: /lou-ut/ Related: Lootin’, Looted, Looter What does Loot mean? Money. Loot Synonyms: Cabbage, Cake, Ends, Dinero, Guap, Guala, Cheese, Bread, Cheddar, Racks, Scrill Example sentence: “Put all the loot back in the shoe box.” Loot in songs: “Too many lyrics ’bout houses and loot” – Drake, Is There More. […]


Loud (slang) Type: noun, adjective, drugs Pronunciation: /lou-d/ What does Loud mean? Strong and potent marijuana. Loud Synonyms: Kush, Doja, Gas, Dope, Bud, Herb, Pot, Mary Jane, Ganja, Broccoli, OG Kush, Grass, Zaza, Reefer Example sentence: “You got some loud?.” Loud in songs: “The loud got me movin’ slow-mo” – Young M.A, OOOUUU. “And all […]


Lowkey (slang) Type: adverb, slang Pronunciation: /low-key/ Also spelled: Low-key, Low key Opposite: Highkey What does Lowkey mean? Quietly or secretly. Lowkey Synonyms: Subtle Example sentence: “I’m Lowkey not trying to chill with my girl today.” Lowkey in songs: “Maybe I’m lowkey feelin’ you, don’t be cynical”- Bryson Tiller, Exchange. “Its lowkey at the night […]


LP (acronym) Type: noun, acronym Pronunciation: /l-p/ Plural: LP’s What does LP mean and stand for? Long Play or Long Playing. An LP typically has 8 tracks or more. Similar to LP: Album, EP, Single Example sentence: “Jay-Z’s debut LP was Reasonable Doubt.” LP in songs: “Last LP I tried to lift the black artists […]


LV (acronym) Type: noun, acronym Pronunciation: /L-V/ What does LV mean and stand for? Louis Vuitton. LV is short for Louis Vuitton. Similar to LV: AP, Rollie Example sentence: “So much LV in her closet.” LV in songs: “LV on my luggage” – Wale, Chillin. “The LV pouch on chest is just for fashion, niggas […]