KDAY (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /k-day/

Also spelled or known as: K-Day, 93.5 KDAY

What does KDAY mean?

A Los Angeles radio station dedicated to Hip-Hop.

Origin: KDAY started off playing local underground Hip-Hop. Greg Mack was the radio station’s musical director boosting groups like NWA and more. KKDAY is now 93.5 KDAY.

Example sentence: “NWA would get a lot of spins on KDAY.”

KDAY in songs:

“Say “cuz” when I talk, pants sag when I walk Bumpin KDAY, just discovered hip-hop” – Murs, Dreamchasers.

Rollin’ with crazy kids like Bebe Mayday mayday, I used to listen to KDAY in my heydays” – Gift of Gab, Lyric Fathom.

“I was pullin’ 211’s when KDAY was the Beat 1984 Lo Cali Sports Arena” – W.C, Just Clownin’.

“Back when the hip-hop shit always had the airplay The best station in nation which was KDAY” – Dred Scott, Back in the Day.

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