Cop a feel

Cop a feel (phrase) Type: verb, phrase, idiom, slang Pronunciation: /kop-ah-f-eel/ Related: Cop, Copped a feel What does Cop a feel mean? To unexpectedly touch someone sexualy; especially intimate parts. Cop a feel Synonyms: Feel up Example sentence: “Baby so bad i had to cop a feel.” Cop a feel in songs: “I say out […]

Peace out

Peace out (phrase) Type: slang, phrase, idiom, interjection Pronunciation: /pee-es-out/ What does Peace out mean? Goodbye; go in peace. Peace out Synonyms: Deuces, Peace Example sentence: “Ima see you tomorrow. Peace out.“ Peace out in songs: “Peace out to the Nation,┬ástay rugged and rough: – Q-Tip, Midnight. “You stuck on being hardcore, I chuck the […]