Keep it real

Keep it real (phrase)

Type: adjective, slang, phrase

Pronunciation: /keep-it-real/

What does Keep it real mean?

To stay genuine and true.

Keep it real Synonyms: Keep it 100, Keep it G

Example sentence: “You know i always keep it real with you baby.”

Keep it real in songs:

Peep how we do it, keep it real as penitentiary steel, This ain’t no freestyle battle” – 2Pac, HitEm Up.

“To keep it real I don’t know whether I believe it’s true” – J. Cole, Deja Vu.

“I just need some niggas with me that’s gonkeep it real now” – Future, Live from the Gutter.

“Joe know for a fact I keep it real, he still ain’t take the charge” – Lil Baby, On Me.

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Keep it real
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Keep it real

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