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Kick the cup

Kick the cup (phrase)

Type: noun, phrase, slang

Pronunciation: /kick-the-kup/

Also spelled or known as: Kicked the cup, Kicking the cup, Kick da cup

What does Kick the cup mean?

To give up drinking lean/purple drank.

Example sentence: “My bro has been saying he wants to kick the cup.”

Kick the cup in songs:

Dropped a four in Tahitian Treat, can’t kick the cup, I’m always pourin'” – Pooh Shiesty, All I Know.

“Had to kick the cup, it’s fuckinup my kidney” – Philthy Rich, Exhausted.

“I really want to kick the cup, but I can’t Everywhere I go, a nigga’s sippin’ drank” – Fenix Flexin, KICK THE CUP.

“Karate’d the Wocky, tryna kick the cup” – Moneybagg Yo, Said Sum.

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Kick the cup
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Kick the cup

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