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Killa Cam


Killa Cam (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /kill-ah-cam/

Also spelled or known as: Killa-Cam, Killa

What does Killa Cam mean?

Cam’Ron‘s nickname.

Other Cam’Ron Nicknames: Killa

Cam’Ron‘s real name: Cameron Ezike Giles

Example sentence:Cam’Ron also goes by Killa Cam.”

Killa Cam in songs:

.45 go blam with no jam Bring a nigga Vietnam, let’s go ham Niggas runnin’ out of ham, let’s go spam Nigga dip through your set like Killa Cam” – Tyga, Chiraq To LA.

Pussy color on that bitch remind me of jacket on the Killa Cam Maam, I’m makin’ green eggs and ham, bitch, you know I am” – Ski Mask, Foot Fungus.

“I’ll never rock a mink coat in the wintertime like Killa Cam Or rock some mink boots in the summertime like” – Kanye West, Everything I Am.

“I call up Yung Bans, pull up in minivans And if that nigga talkin’, we’ll pop you and your mans Bitch, I don’t fear nobody, I feel like Killa Cam” – Lil Skies, Lonely.

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Killa Cam
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Killa Cam

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