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Kin (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /kinn/

Related: Kinfolk, Kinfolks

What does Kin mean?

Someone’s family, close friends, associates or relatives.

Kin Synonyms: Fam, Kinfolk, Famo

Example sentence: “It’s just me and my kin at the store right now.”

Kin in songs:

“Money turn your kin into an enemy” – Ty Dolla Sign, Real Friends.

“May pretend that we kin but the vibes don’t fly” – Jay-Z, Caught Their Eyes.

Can’t let that social worker just snatch up my kin, gotta get my son back” – Logic, Fade Away.

“Could be your mans, or be your fan, or be your kin” – Erick Arc Elliot, Palm Trees.

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