90210 (slang) Type: noun, slang Pronunciation: /nine-oh-two-one-oh/ What does 90210 mean? Beverly Hills, California zip code. Example sentence: “I just got a new crib in the 90210.” 90210 in songs: “Now we got 90210 on our address” – Future, Live from the Gutter. “Only one I changed was 48221 to 90210” – Big Sean, Thank […]


Cali (slang) Type: noun, slang Pronunciation: /ka-lee/ What does Cali mean? California. Cali is short for California. Example sentence: “Our flight to cali leaves tomorrow.” Cali in songs: “I’m just tired of smoking kushy, I need some Moonrock out in Cali” – Young Thug, With Them. “I’m in Cali just coastin’, get ’em so wet they […]


CPT (acronym) Type: noun, slang, acronym Pronunciation: /c-p-t/ Also spelled: C.P.T. Also known as: The CPT What does CPT mean and stand for? Compton. CPT is short for Compton, California. Example sentence: “I’ve been to CPT a few times.” CPT in songs: “Just ’cause I’m from the CPT, Punk police are afraid of me” – […]


Fetti (slang) Type: noun Pronunciation: /fet-ti/ What does Fetti mean? Money. Synonyms: Bread, Mula, Guap, Cheese, Guala, Racks, Pesos, Cake Example sentence: “I left Vegas with a lot of Fetti.” Fetti in songs: “I can’t go in, I ain’t ready, just count up my fetti” – Da$h, Fetti. “I need that skrilla, this lil’ nigga […]


Hyphy (slang) Type: adjective Pronunciation: /Hi-fee/ Also spelled: Hyfey What does Hyphy mean? To go crazy or be hyperactive. Coined by: Keak da Sneak. Origin: Hyphy was created in the Bay Area and coined by Keak Da Sneak in 1998. Example sentence: “They were getting hyphy last night at the concert.” Hyphy in songs: “From […]


L.A. (acronym) Type: noun Pronunciation: /el-eh/ Also spelled: LA What does L.A. mean and stand for? Los Angeles. L.A. is short for Los Angeles, California. L.A. Synonyms: The City of Angels Example sentence: “There is no place like L.A.“ L.A. in songs: “I just threw a private dinner in L.A.” – Future, Jumpman. “L.A. bitches […]


OFWGKTA (acronym) Type:noun, acronym Pronunciation: /o-f-w-g-k-t-a/ Also known as: OF, Odd Future What does OFWGKTA mean? Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All. Similar to OFWGKTA: YMCMB, A$AP, QC, OTF, 4PF, OVO Coined by: Tyler, the Creator Example sentence: “Earl Sweatshirt was a part of OFWGKTA.” OFWGKTA in songs: “OFWGKTA yeah you niggas know them […]


OPM (label) Type: label, acronym Pronunciation: /o-p-m/ Also known as: O.P.M. What does OPM mean and stand for? Other People’s Money. Similar: TDE, MMG, QC, OVO, YSL, OTF, GBE, 4PF Coined by: Dom Kennedy Example sentence: “Like Dom K says OPM till it’s over.” OPM in songs: “Westside OPM, tell em let’s be friends” – […]


Sus (slang) Type: adjective Pronunciation: /saw-us/ Related: Suspect What does Sus mean and stand for? Something suspicious or shady. Coined by: Tyler, the Creator Example sentence: “That Van is hella sus, it’s been parked there for two days now.” Sus in songs: “Right now, you lookin’ real sus right now” – Kanye West, All Day. […]


TDE (label) Type: label, acronym Pronunciation: /t-d-e/ What does TDE mean and stand for? Top Dawg Entertainment. Similar: OVO, MMG, QC, 4PF Coined by: Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith Example sentence: “Jay Rock was the first rapper TDE signed.” TDE in songs: “TDE the mafia of the west” – Kendrick Lamar, untitled 02 | 06.23.2014.. “Y’all […]

That Part

That Part (slang) Type: phrase, expression Pronunciation: /that-per-t/ What does That Part mean? Agreeing with what someone said. Synonyms: Facts Example sentence: “This is some good good gas. That part.“ That Part in songs: “Me no conversate with the fake.. that part” – Schoolboy Q, THat Part. “Make sure my dawg don’t turn out to […]

The City of Angels

The City of Angels (phrase) Type: noun Pronunciation: /c-t-of-ain-gels/ Also known as: City of Angels What does City of Angels mean? Los Angeles. The City of Angels is Los Angeles, California. The City of Angels Synonyms: L.A. Origin: Los Angeles means “the angels” in Spanish. Example sentence: “Have you ever been to The City of Angels.” The City […]


USA (acronym) Type: noun, acronym Pronunciation: /U-S-A/ Also spelled: U.S.A. What does USA mean and stand for? United States of America. Example sentence: “L.A. and N.Y. are some popular places in the USA. “ USA in songs: “Live inside the belly of the rough, Compton, USA” – Kendrick Lamar, ​m.A.A.d city “It wouldn’t be the […]