Killinois (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /kill-lee-nois/

What does Killinois mean?

A nickname for Illinois used in drill music (formed by combining ‘kill’ and the state of ‘Illinois’).

Killinois Synonyms: Chiraq, Drillinois

Example sentence: “The gang members were calling it killinois.”

Killinois in songs:

“Got the news trendin’ boy Chiraq, Drillinois, go tell ’em, Killinois” – Lil Durk, More Bars (52 Bars Part 4).

“Killinois Killinois play with guns like they toys Call up Justo, Justo finna busto” – Lil Broski, Who Is Yall.

“This Killinois Drillinois Say, can you hear the noise?” – Ridgio, Twenty 1 Winters.

Chiraq drillinois, OTF we them boys FTO killinois, I grew up bad as fuck” – Lil Durk, Intro (I’m Still a Hitta).

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