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App (noun)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /app/

Plural: Apps

What does App mean?


Example sentence:Stufinder is my favorite app. I use it to book recording studios.”

App in songs:

“I was known for snappin’ when I chat before the app” – Drake, No Friends In The Industry.

Trippin’ out, lookin’ at a bunch of Google map stars Shit, they got a app for… that” – Delusional Thomas, The Star Room.

“Way ‘fore I found rap, bitch, I had them things wrapped Astro on my cap, this shot ain’t no phone app” – ScHoolboy Q, Break the Bank.

“Let me pick the things I’m funding from an app on my screen Better that than letting wack congressman I’ve never seen” – J. Cole, BRACKETS.

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