KD (nickname)

Type: noun, slang, nickname

Pronunciation: /k-d/

Also spelled or known as: K.D.

What does KD mean?

Kevin Durant’s nickname.

Kevin Durant‘s full name: Kevin Wayne Durant

Example sentence: “We’re going to go see KD play today.”

KD in songs:

“Young boy, in the hood I’m the man KD, I ran off with them bands Gotta ride ’round with a fan” – Jay Critch, Intro.

“Headed to the game for okay seats Now I’m courtside at OKC, I know KD” – Big Sean, Outro (Dark Sky Paradise).

Ballinso hard, I feel like I’m KD (Yeah) Wear two bust downs, even when I sleep” – Lil Pump, Be Like Me.

“All this lean and all these percs gon’ drive me crazy I see niggas switchin’ sides like they KD” – Meek Mill, Save Me.

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