Vamp (slang)

Type: noun, adjective, slang

Pronunciation: /va-amp/

Plural: Vamps

What does Vamp mean?

Vampire; Someone who stays up all night.

Vamp Synonyms: Night owl

Example sentence:I’m a vamp, i sleep in the day.”

Vamp in songs:

1017’s the Squad, Gucci Mane’s the stamp And he don’t never sleep, he’s a fuckinvamp” – Gucci Mane, Champions.

“We out to vamp, put ’em up against the champ” – DMX, Dogs Out (Grand Champ).

“The champ is here, the vamp is near” – Tech N9ne, Straight Out the Gate.

I’mma vamp with the ribbon and the little panties” – Azealia Banks, Bambi.

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