Vids (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /vids/

Also spelled: Vidz

Singular: Vid

What does Vids mean?


Vids Synonyms: Flicks, Clips

Example sentence: “You’re my favorite YouTuber, i’ve seen all your vids..”

Vids in songs:

“I be out in Cali runnin’ all my businesses I be out in Cali watchin’ back my Christmas vids” – Nicki Minaj, Boss Ass Bitch (Remix).

Yo, I’m a hot and bothered astronaut Crashing while jacking off To buffering vids of Asher Roth eating apple sauce” – Earl Sweatshirt, Earl.

“If that makes me a backup dancer The man in your vids? Backup dancer The man in your pics? Backup dancer” – Stormzy, Shut Up.

“All them niggas was scared to shoot our vids, we had guns in they lens” – Lil Durk, Evil Twins.

“Takin’ vids of all yo’ cars and lettin’ it go to postin’ pictures” – Kevin Gates, Super General (Freestyle).

Lil Jojo should’ve got it through his glasses I scratch my head when I watch their vids” – Double Lz, Mad About Bars (2019).

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