Virg (nickname)

Type: noun, slang, nickname

Pronunciation: /verg/

Also spelled or known as: Virg’

What does Virg mean?

Virgil Abloh’s nickname.

Rest in Peace Virgil Abloh.

Other Lil Yachty Nicknames: V

Example sentence:Virgil Abloh is sometimes also known as Virg.”

Virg in songs:

“Three that’s what you do when there’s nobody else left to prove to Virg‘, write Lupe on my Lupe We go back like Just Blaze made beats for the 2-Way” – Luype Fiasco, LF95.

“When we lost Virg‘, I was on the verge” – Kanye West, Hot Shit.

Louis V like Virg, yuh, I’m Gucci down” – Aminé, CANTU.

“Generating Zen with some nice sword practice Rest In Peace Virg‘, LV, it’s Vice Lord backwards” – Lupe Fiasco, 100 Chicagos.

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