Vibin’ (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /v-ibe-in/

Also spelled: Vibing

What does Vibin’ mean?

To be enjoying one’s time.

Vibin’ Synonyms: Boolin’, Parlayin

Example sentence:I’m just vibin’ with my girl rn, what’s up?”

Vibin’ in songs:

“The hate in your blood can’t stop your soul from vibin’ with it” – J. Cole, Rise and Shine.

Vibin’ out more than my phone though” – Big Sean, Bounce Back.

Deuce in a liter, got a nigga really vibin’” – Blueface, Dead Locs.

“They’re walkin’ in their sorrows, while I’m vibin’ out in space” – Juice Wrld, Autograph (on my line).

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