Type: noun

Pronunciation: /vil-in/

Plural: Villains

What does Villain mean?

An evil character or person.

Villain Synonyms: Menace, Demon

Example sentence: “Voldemort was a villain in Harry Potter.”

Villain in songs:

“Rich kid asshole, paint me as a villain” – Childish Gambino, IV. Sweatpants.

“But I’m the fuckinvillain, man, they kneelin’ when I’m walking in the buildin'” – Big Sean, Clique.

“The criminal, cop-killin’, Hip-Hop villain, A minimal swap to cop millions of Pac listeners” – Eminem, ’Till I Collapse.

“Dark Knight feeling, die and be a hero, Or live long enough to see yourself become a villain” – Jay-Z, So Appaled.

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