Vlogger (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /vlog-err/

Related: Vlog, Vlogging, Vlogged, Blog, Blogger, Blogging, Blogged

What does Vlogger mean?

Someone who vlogs or makes a video blog or video logs.

Vlogger Synonyms: Blogger, Camgirl

Example sentence: “Today is my first day being a vlogger, want to see my video?”

Vlogger in songs:

“I get to shooting shit, like I’m a vlogger” – Smokepurrp, Walk on Water.

“Shot dat lil nigga like I was a vlogger, he walked out on me and da right gang” – Lil L.A. Marz, Cash Out 2 / Reel It In (Remix).

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