Vacaville (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /vak-ah-vel-e/

What does Vacaville mean?

A Northern California Prison.

Vacaville Synonyms: Cage, Up north, Kennel, Pen, Box, Can, Central booking, Up north trip

Example sentence: “He just got released from Vacaville.”

Vacaville in songs:

“I’ma run a marathon on you bag a bones I own a couple stallions, out in Vacaville I’m on” – Nef The Pharaoh, Chase Dat Money.

“Claybank, Vacaville, then up there by Reno Twenty-two months of eatin’ that stuff on a shingle” – E-40, Tired of Being Stepped On.

Eat we can laugh and chill and bash a till Up in Vacaville I have stash a steal sum mitsubishi” – Mac Dre, Don’t Be a Punk.

“It’s all good but money ain’t all good ‘Cause a raw deal will get your ass sent to Vacaville” – Yukmouth, Ice Cream Man.

“And you better watch my cousin ’cause he’s fresh outta Vacaville State penitentiary, smokin’ on a half a hill” – Baby Bash, The Throw.

“Passin’ through Vacaville, take her to the outlet Love, you gotta work your way up to get that real bag” – Larry June, Expensive Couches.

“I do this for Folsom and Susanville, My niggas in Quentin and Vacaville” – E-40, My Hoodlums and My Thugz.

I’m Syrian, it’s Dirty Lu season in Vacaville, it’s Dirty Lu season” – Dirty Lu, Dripping In Gold.

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