Vocals (noun)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /voh-kolls/

What does Vocals mean?

Voice recordings.

Vocals Synonyms: Audio, Sound

Example sentence: “I love when the vocals are just a little bit louder than the instrumental.”

Vocals in songs:

“Maybe the vocals shoulda been auto-tuned, And you woulda bought it, But sayin’ I no longer got it” – Eminem, The Ringer.

“Hop on the F train, took the express train, Skip that local shit, my vocals sick, that’s how success came” – J. Cole, New York Times.

“I don’t got no hoes no more, I’m show you, When she make me go down low hear my vocals” – Lil Durk, India.

“Cause these niggas these days is loco, You’ll get it in ya vocals if you ain’t a local” – Joey Badass, Waves.

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