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Vag (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /vaahg/

Also spelled or known as: Vag’

What does Vag mean?

A vagina.

Vag Synonyms: Cooter, Pussy, Muff, Punani, Power-U, WAP, Coochie, Cunt, Twat, Poon, Cooch, Box, Pie, Trim, Hole, Nappy dugout, Jenny

Example sentence: “She told me to touch her vag.”

Vag in songs:

I’m sorry Mama, that I am not a doctor That I rap about the vag and I smoke marijuana-juana” – Awkwafina, Marijuana.

Ice cream paint job in the garage I had a ménage, I murdered the vag‘” – Childish Gambino, I. The Worst Guys.

“The rap is a vag‘ and I’m goin’ in like a tampon in this bitch” – Eminem, Caterpillar.

“Give him some vag‘, I’m gettin’ a bag Give him some ass, I’m gettin’ some Raf” – Cardi B, Bickenhead.

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