Verse (music)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /virs/

Plural: Verses

What does Verse mean?

A section of lines or bars on a rap song.

Verse Synonyms: Bars, Poem

Example sentence: “Kendrick Lamar’s Control verse went crazy.”

Verse in songs:

“Back to the lab with mother Earth, Had to give Young Ferg a verse” – Schoolboy Q, Work REMIX.

“50K for a verse, no album out” – Nicki Minaj, Monster.

“A verse from me is like eleven birds, Just did the math, that’s like two thousand dollars every word” – J. Cole, The London.

“Niggas be wantin’ a verse for a verse, But man, that’s not a swap to me” – Drake, Versace (Remix).

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