Vacay (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /vay-kay/

What does Vacay mean?


Vacay Synonyms: Trip

Example sentence: “We going to cali for vacay.”

Vacay in songs:

“When I go on vacay I might rent out the Bahamas” – Lil Yachty, Broccoli

Fuck a vacay, I feel better at work” – Big Sean, Blessings.

“Better vacate, retreat like a vacay, mayday” – Eminem, Godzilla.

“Finally got paid, now I need shade and a vacay” – Big Sean, Mercy.

“We supposed to vacay ’til our backs burn We’re supposed to laugh ’til our heart stops” – Jay-Z, 4:44.

“Got a chopper, not the AK, Gettin’ money on a vacay” – ScHoolboy Q, THat Part (Black Hippy Remix).

“I wish my trainer would, tell me what I overate So when I’m on vacay, I need to kick back, heh? What you want?’ – Kanye West, Highlights.

“Like mayday, mayday, mayday, mayday Tell these pussy rappers that it’s time to vacay” – Ski Mask, Off the Wall!.

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