Type: noun

Pronunciation: /v-twelve/

Also spelled or known as: V12, V-12

What does V12 mean?

A 12-cylinder piston engine where two six cylinders are arranged in a V shape.

Example sentence: “We were skirting off in a v12.”

V12 in songs:

“I bought every V12 engine, Wish I could take it back to the beginnin'” – Jay-Z, The Story of O.J..

V12 helped me get up out the jam, trunk full of slam” – Juicy J, Powerglide.

“When I’m coming full speed, got that V12 running” – Rich Homie Quan, Walk Thru.

V12 engine, I’m fishtailin’ on some sloppy shit” – Tyler, The Creator, MANIFESTO.

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