Violated (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /vio-lated/

Related: Violate, Violatin’, Violation

What does Violated mean?

1. To have disrespect someone and cross the line.

Violated Synonyms: Dissed

2. To have disregard rules and laws.

Example sentence: “He violated his license, so they took it away.”

Violated in songs:

“Cuban link chain on my neck weigh a kilo, Nigga just violated pissed dirty to his P.O.” – Yo Gotti, Act Right.

“I can’t take this world, ain’t got the patience, Years of oppression, I’m feeling violated” – A$AP Ferg, Young Nigga Living.

Shorty thought she subtle but she really was blatant when she, Shook her thing and violated” – Q-Tip, Vivrant Thing.

“They cry John-Blazing, but step on the pavement and get violated like a plaintiff” – Yasiin Bey, Speed Law.

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