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Vibing out

Vibing out (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /vibe-in-out/

Also spelled or known as: Vibing-out

Related: Vibe, Vibing, Vibin’, Vibe out

What does Vibing out mean?

To be enjoying one’s time or losing one’s self is music.

Vibing out Synonyms: Vibing, Chilling, Relaxing, Booling, Parlaying, Lamping

Example sentence: “Me and Kanye West were vibing out on the porch.”

Vibing out in songs:

“It’s the type of shit, I gotta get it, gotta get it I’ve been vibing out here in Malibu” – Logic, Deeper Than Money.

“Them shooting phasers can’t fade him, he blessed Vibing out to the child, because son don’t rest” – Blu, My Sunshine.

“You don’t remember RKCNDY, watching Heiro, or vibing out to Alkaholiks” – Macklemore, The Town.

“Never mind the if, but the how it falls I’m vibing out watching Ow! My Balls” – Watsky, Brave New World.

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Vibing out
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Vibing out