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Rapper weed

Rapper weed (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /rap-er-weed/

Also spelled or known as: Rapper-weed, Rapperweed

What does Rapper weed mean?

Really potent or strong marijuana.

Rapper weed Synonyms: Killa, Petrol, Sinsemilla, Broccoli, Lye, Gas, Cabbage, Boof, Ganja, Reefer, Grass, Tree, Fire, Dro, Pack, Zaza, Loud, Bud, Za, Dank

Example sentence: “We were smoking some rapper weed in the venue.”

Rapper weed in songs:

“Smoking mid, hood memories Now it’s two hundred dollar blunts, I’m smoking rapper weed” – Young Scooter, Loyalty.

“Roll that rapper weed, you smoke and don’t wanna taste it Lets face it She wanna fly where the planes is Got her testin’ out all of my trees, myth blazers” – Wiz Khalifa, Red Carpet (Like a Movie).

“That rapper weed she smoke, that Spitta stroke, she wrote about it” – Curren$y, Famous.

“Got her smokin’ rapper weed, tryna spit Vs She been goin’ 30 minutes, she just switched knees” – Lil Wayne, Main Things.

“Both a bulldog, knock your block off I smoke rapper weed, this that moon rock” – Dae Dae, Spend It (ColleGrove Remix).

“Count 100s til im Bored,Smoke a blunt or blow water Rapper weed and a louie ,Light it up and bought the fugis” – K Camp, Run It Up.

“Meet a bitch take a bitch Straight back to that big crib Let you roll some rapper weed Put you on some new shit” – Wiz Khalifa, GangBang.

“I be smokin’ rapper weed with my gang I just slam dunked ya bitch, hall of fame” – Future, Rent Money.

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Rapper weed
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Rapper weed

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