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Bales (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /bails/

Singular: Bale

What does Bales mean?

Large quantities or bricks of marijuana.

Bales Synonyms: QPs

Example sentence: “He was on his way to pick up some bales.”

Bales in songs:

“Black Migo Gang, got them bales on us (Bales) Way before the fame I had a bale on me” – Future, Real Sisters.

“I got to put the new bales inside of the freezer Back at the trap I was ducking them people” – Roddy Ricch, Every Season.

“BMore burnt spoon, DC glass pipe VA sent bales, ’bout that trap life” – Pusha T, Come Back Baby.

“All this water they collectin’ in the well, nigga (Splash) All these bales that we layin’ on that scale, nigga” – Quavo, Black & Chinese.

Broke so many bales down that I’m shell shocked (bow) I held Glocks, sold rocks by the mailbox” – 2 Chainz, It’s A Vibe.

“My conversation bringing mills to ya I get my brother to bring the bales to ya” – Future, I’m So Groovy.

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