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100s (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /hun-eds/ or /hun-dreds/

Also spelled or known as: 100’s

Singular: 100

What does 100s mean?

Hundred dollar bills ($100).

100s Synonyms: Benjamins, Benjis, Hunnids, Hundos, C-notes, Bennys

Example sentence: “We made a couple of 100s from the show.”

100s in songs:

“All I see is 20s, 50s, 100s If it ain’t quarter mil’, fuck the whip” – O.T. Genasis, Everybody Mad.

Don’t ya ever let up jit, go get that money Talkin’ 50s, 20s, 100s” – Rod Wave, Get That Bag.

“Let her roll my gas, she count all my cash Take them 50s and them 100s and she put it in her bag” – PnB Rock, Plans.

“Tell all of my bitches I got a new girl, wait And tell the police that I’m robbing the bank and I want all my money in 100s” – Joyner Lucas, FYM.

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