Long money

Long money (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /long-mon-e/

Also spelled or known as: Long-money

What does Long money mean?

Enough money to last generations.

Long money Synonyms: Fuck you money, Buku money

Example sentence: “Jay-Z has long money.”

Long money in songs:

Yeah, I’m a rock star, I don’t care and I pop my shit like Ric Flair Long money I got stocks and shares” – Offset, DipSet.

“Welcome to New York, motherfuckers, where we don’t play And out-of-towners get got like everyday And a gangsta’s a gangsta in every way Sittin’ low on 22’s; this what long money do” – P. Diddy, Welcome to Atlanta (Coast 2 Coast Remix).

I’m chasing after that long money and I don’t take no short cuts” – Juicy J, Smokin’ Rollin’.

“Tall ceilings, chandeliers, I’m authentic Gettin’ long money, short winded, let’s go and get it nigga” – Rick Ross, Movin’ Bass.

“Juicy J, I got long money I got 1998 song money Bitch pour that Patron for me I rock shows, boy I’m stone money” – Juicy J, Let Me Find Out (Remix).

“Welcome to the gathering, welcome to the burying Or I hang you on the wall like a art gallery You got short salary, and I got long money I got Cash Money, I got Young Money, bitch” – Lil Wayne, Stuntin.

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Long money
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Long money