Wanna (slang)

Type: contraction, slang

Pronunciation: /wan-na/

Related: Wan’

What does Wanna mean?

Want to.

Similar to Wanna: Tryna, Gonna, Gon’, Finna, Boutta

Example sentence: “I wanna head to Fairfax today.”

Wanna in songs:

“They don’t wanna hear not one more noun or verb from you niggas” – Kendrick Lamar, Control.

Ride the dick like a BMX, No nigga wanna be my ex” – Cardi B, MotorSport.

Half-Thai thickie, all she wanna do is Bangkok” – Childish Gambino, IV. Sweatpants.

“Stop all that flexin’, young nigga don’t wanna go there” – Offset, T-Shirt.

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