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Bud (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /b-odd/

Pronunciation: Buds

What does Bud mean?

1. Weed or Marijuana.

Bud Synonyms: Hash, Kush, Doja, Gas, Dope, Reefer, Herb, Pot, Mary Jane, Ganja, Broccoli, OG Kush, Grass, Zaza, Loud

2. Buddy or Friend. Bud is short for buddy.

Bud Synonyms: Homie, Dawg, Broski, Brozay, Gang, Slime

Example sentence: “I gotta re-up on bud soon.”

Bud in songs:

“This California bud got a nigga gang of pub” – Dr. Dre, The Next Episode.

“I swapped out the ice for the mud, I swapped out the spice for the bud” – Kodak Black, Pimpin Ain’t Eazy.

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