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Rat (slang) Type: verb, noun, adjective, slang Pronunciation: /r-at/ Plural: Rats Related: Ratted, Ratting, Rattin’, Snitchin’ What does Rat mean? 1. Someone who corporates & gives cops information that leads to the arrest or incarceration of others (noun). 2. To snitch (verb). Rat Synonyms: Snitch Example sentence: “Don’t talk to a rat, they bad for […]

Rat pack

Rat pack (slang) Type: noun, slang Pronunciation: /rat-pak/ Also spelled or known as: Rat-pack, Ratpack What does Rat pack mean? 1. A bum rush. 2. A group of entertainers in the 1950’s and 1960’s led by Frank Sinatra. Example sentence: “We had a rat pack at the show.” Rat pack in songs: “We Rat Pack […]


Ratchet (slang) Type: noun, adjective, slang Pronunciation: /ra-chit/ Plural: Ratchets What does Ratchet mean? 1. Nasty, ghetto, or trifling. Ratchet Synonyms: Triflin’, Dirty, Wildin’ 2. A gun. Ratchet Synonyms: Rod, Iron, Strap Example sentence: “Them girls that was tryna get our digits were real ratchet.” Ratchet in songs: “You say no to ratchet pussy, Juicy J can’t” […]


Ratted (slang) Type: verb, slang Pronunciation: /rat-ted/ Related: Rat What does Ratted mean? To have snitched. Ratted Synonyms: Snitched, Exposed, Leaked Example sentence: “Everyone knows 6ix9ine ratted, he owns up to it.” Ratted in songs: “Tell me how I ratted, came home to a big bag” – 6ix9ine, GOOBA. “But I can’t fuck with you […]


Ratting (slang) Type: verb, slang Pronunciation: /rat-in/ Also spelled or known as: Ratting’ Related: Rat, Ratted, Snitchin’ What does Ratting mean? To be snitching or telling on someone. Ratting Synonyms: Snitching, Dropping a dime Example sentence: “He got blackballed by the industry for ratting.” Ratting in songs: “On beats buried alive, ratting wiseguys, I’m with […]


Rattpack (slang) Type: noun, slang Pronunciation: /rat-pak/ Also spelled or known as: The Rattpack What does Rattpack mean? Real-All-The-Time Crew. Founded and coined by: Logic Similar to Rattpack: TDE, MMG, QC, OVO, YSL, OTF, GBE, OPM, YMCMB, A$AP, YM, BDB, YNW, FBG, YBN, OFWGKTA, 4PF Example sentence: “Logic’s crew is known as the Rattpack.” Rattpack […]