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Petrol (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /pet-roll/

What does Petrol mean?

Potent marijuana.

Petrol Synonyms: Rapper weed, Sinsemilla, Broccoli, Lye, Gas, Cabbage, Boof, Ganja, Reefer, Grass, Tree, Fire, Dro, Pack, Zaza, Loud, Bud, Za, Dank

Example sentence: “This gas here is that petrol.”

Petrol in songs:

“It be me and Play Picasso, ain’t no Metro in this hoe I be stuntin’, I be gassed like it’s petrol in this hoe” – Tory Lanez, Uber Everywhere.

“Off two milligrams, I forgot about my ex-ho (‘Bout my ex-ho) Stayin’ with the gas, fill my blunts up with petrol” – Future, Just Like Bruddas.

Wasted trip from Central Should’ve invoiced my man for the petrol That girl got a shape that’s dreadful Pencil, body come thin like Red Bull’ – Dave, Paper Cuts.

“Cunning linguistics, punishing puns Pumping the petrol, gas in my lungs” – Smino, Amphetamine.

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