20 sack

20 sack (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /twen-tee-sack/

Also spelled or known as: Twenty sack, Twenty-sack, 20 sack, 20-sack, 20sack

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What does 20 sack mean?

A twenty-dollar ($20) bag of marijuana (or another drug).

20 sack Synonyms: Twenty sack

Example sentence: “I just got a 20 sack today.”

20 sack in songs:

20 sack for the right fee, she get in the back cause she digging the tracks and the tight beat” – Mark Battles, Where I’m From.

Break mothafuckers like a Kit-Kat bro Hit that dro, pass that back, layin’ low, 20 sack Then I roll it up and hit it till that shit’s all ash Then my drug dealer gonna get a call back” – Chris Webby, Raising The Bar.

Rolling close behind while you blaze a 20 sack He stops at a light on Elandra and Central” – Compton’s Most Wanted, Driveby Miss Daisy.

“We could twist a 20 sack, a eighth or twist a quarter Cut the blunt in the middle and place the shit and that’ll hold ya” – Rappin’ 4-Tay, Did You Get the Dank.

“Man even back when I was a 20 sack buya I was el flamo, partna I had fire” – MAc Dre, Stupid.

Hoe, you a dime, but I’m a 20 sack, ask me where my 20s at Couldn’t even find ’em, I got hunnids and yo’ money wack” – Caskey, Maybe.

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20 sack
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20 sack

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