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Bleezy (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /blee-zee/

Related: Blunt

What does Bleezy mean?

A blunt; A cigar that has been emptied and filled with marijuana.

Bleezy Synonyms: Blunt, Blizzy

Example sentence: “Do you wanna smoke this bleezy with me?”

Bleezy in songs:

“Take away pain, ain’t easy, That’s why I fire up a bleezy” – Quavo, MotorSport.

“It’s California, fool, flyest breezies in the world And we can roll up a bleezy that’ll make your toes curl” – Murs, Hot Bars.

“What you know about me? I’m Mac Dreezy Call Hennessy heem and a blunt a bleezy” – Mac Dre, Bleezie N Heem.

“Let me flame this lil’ bleezy up” – Chief Keef, 2 Cell Phones.

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